Sew a hen this Easter with your kids

Want to sew something fun with your kids this's easier than you think.

For this friendly little hen all you need is two squares of gingham, some scraps of red and yellow felt, a needle, thread, a little polyester fibrefill for soft stuffing and rice to give her weight...and last but not least, you'll need a name...I call mine Henya...which is a perfectly good name for a hen.

What you need

Two 6 1/2" X 6 1/2" squares of gingham
Yellow and red felt
Cup of rice
Polyester fibrefill
Two small wiggly eyes

What to do

Cut out a head comb and two circles for the eyes from red felt. Cut out a beak from yellow felt. The head comb and beak templates are here. Pin the head comb and beak into place as shown below. Note: the beak is folded down the middle along the dotted line as indicated in the template.

Place the remaining square of gingham on top.

Pin and sew around the outside of the squares 1/4" in from the edge leaving a 2" turning gap.

Turn right side out as shown below...

so it looks like this:

Push a small amount of polyester fibrefill through the opening of the turning gap...just enough to fill the top 1/4 of the hen...

then add about a cup of rice...

and sew the turning gap closed.

Hold the hen upside down and bring the two opposite corners together as shown below:

Pin together making a triangular shape on the base of the hen...

and sew a line about 1 3/4" down from the top of the triangle as shown below:

This triangle folds under the hen forming her base and gives her a nice plump henny shape.

Glue on the red felt circle that marks the eye. Then glue a small wiggly eye on top.

And here's Henya in my backyard scratching around the dirt and leaves for who knows what:

Happy Easter, Trixi