An Interview with author and sewing teacher Annabel Wrigley

"I'm an Aussie mum, author and designer living in rural Virginia. I own Little Pincushion Studio, a sweet little space where I teach many little sewing pixies everything they need to know to go forth and conquer the world of sewing and creating. When I'm not teaching, I'm busy coming up with a million and one projects for my "We Love to Sew" series of books published by C & T Publishing." Annabel blogs at Little Pincushion Studio and has just released her 4th book.

The most popular sewing project you make with kids?

Hands down, the most favourite sewing project tends to be some kind of softie animal.

One piece of advice you’d give to parents who want to teach their kids to sew?

Make sure your child really wants to learn to sew and then start slowly. Kids will be wanting to make something huge the first time they sew but make sure to start small and master that sewing machine and straight sewing first!

Why should kids learn to sew?

Sewing is a creative outlet that is so important for our academically over scheduled kids. Sewing is also a relatively slow process that gives kids the chance to relax and make at the same time!

How did you get into teaching kids sewing?

I started teaching my daughter and a few of her friends and it just grew from there.

What things have surprised you in teaching kids to sew?

How much I love it and how fast they learn.

Why do you like sewing?

Gosh that is hard to answer, I just love the process of it, the creative freedom you can have and sharing that with the children I teach.

Best sewing experience?

When beginner students finally “get it” and the joy and confidence that comes from that.

Worst sewing experience? 

Working with children who are disinterested in sewing and have been forced to come to class by their parents. Its tough to try to show them how amazing it is once they learn.  

Favorite sewing experience?

Having students start with me at age 7 and then continue until they are 13. I am lucky enough to watch them grow up. Then I have them come and assistant teach with me…it’s just so special!