The Odd Bods: No Sew Sock Dolls

Want to make some sweet little sock dolls with just one sock that you don't have to sew or cut? Well then, say hello to the Odd Bods...the cutest one-sock no-sew sock dolls you ever did meet. Some people might think these little fellows are..well...just a little odd looking...I guess they are... but hey they're family:

What You Need:

Wiggly eyes
Elastic band (optional)

How to make an Odd Bod:

First fill your sock with rice as in the photo above. Secure the sock with a knot or elastic band.

Then cut a nose, arms and legs from felt. Glue into place. Glue on wiggley eyes.

Last of all, flip over the top part of the sock to make the beanie. That's it!

And when you make your odd bods I'd love to see them...just pop over to my Facebook page and post on my wall.

Have fun with your strange new friends, Trixi.