An easy mess-free craft activity for kids

This simplified butterfly mobile is a really easy mess-free craft activity to make with kids of all ages. 

To make this pretty little fellow you only need some felt, a length of wire to place the butterfly on, an artificial flower stamen (which can be bought from a craft shop) to make the antennae from, a bowlful of beads and a little glue. You can find the complete step-by-step tutorial HERE.

Make sure that the wire you use is strong enough to hold your butterfly but thin enough to bend. With younger kids I tend to choose pony beads which are biggish and therefore easier for them to thread but older kids will love using smaller seed beads like the ones I've used in the photos. Threading beads is not only good for your kids' fine motor skills but also gives them lots of scope to play freely with colour and pattern.

This activity is also very flexible and can easily be turned in new directions…for example, you could replace the butterfly with a bat for Halloween or with any number of animal critters that appeal to your child's imagination.

If you'd like to make some wire and bead garden bugs then have a look at these sweet little fellows. Guaranteed not to chew your veggies!