Sew an Easter Bunny with the Kids

Here's a simple Easter bunny project you can sew with your kids.

The first thing I ever remember about the Easter bunny is sitting in preschool in a big group of kids, we were all kind of sitting around the piano like they used to do, the teacher would play the piano and we would all sing. Can't remember what we were singing, but all of a sudden the teacher shouts out "Look the Easter bunny just ran by", and we all turned around to see him but I was too slow and missed him. It was very disappointing but very exciting.

What You'll Need

12" x 16" (32cm x 42cm) piece of  light pink felt
12" x 16" (32cm x 42cm)  piece of dark pink felt
4B pencil
Polyester fiberfil
Wiggley eyes

What To Do

First, download the Bunny template. It's in two halves so you'll have to cut around the two shapes and tape them together to make the Bunny's body.

Place the template of Bunny's body on the piece of light pink felt. Use the soft 4B pencil (a 5B will also work well) to trace around the template so you have the shape of Bunny's body on the felt as above.

Pin the two pieces of felt together and sew around Bunny's body. Leave an opening for stuffing. Remove the pins. 

Draw on Bunny's arms and legs. The dotted outlines of arms and legs on the template can be used as a guide.

Cut off the excess felt from around the arms and legs. Be careful not to cut your sewing.

To suff Bunny, push small amounts of polyester fiberfil into Bunny's long ears. Make sure you poke your stuffing right up into the top of the ears. You can do this with a chopstick as above...

...or just use your thumbs as I prefer to do...

…and when the ears are firmly stuffed, you can take larger tuffs and keep pushing them into Bunny's body until they are evenly distributed... 

…and Bunny feels soft and spongy. When you've finished stuffing, sew the opening closed. 

Glue on wiggly eyes. Cut a small nose from the leftover dark pink felt and glue into place. Draw on the tiny mouth. 

And if you want, you can cut off the top layer of light pink felt on the arms so that Bunny has two dark pink arms to match his little nose as above.

Finally, glue on a pompom to make the tail and your Easter Bunny's complete. You can buy a pompom but I made mine…it's easy to do and loads of fun for kids…here's a simple tutorial.

And now Bunny's ready to get up to whatever Easter bunnies get up to. 

Happy Easter, Trixi.