No Sew Sock Snowman from Downunder

As most of my recent tutorials  have been sewing projects, I thought it might be a nice change to make a crafty no sew project. This little sock snowman makes a great "desk friend" or paper weight and because he's filled with rice he's nice and squishy to hold too.


1 white sock
1 coloured or patterned sock
2 rubber bands
Rice or other weighted filler
Polar fleece


How to make the snowman: 

Fill the white sock with 1 1/2 cups of rice.

Tie the sock in a knot and snip off the excess sock above the knot.

Place a rubber band over the snowman's body to form his head

To make the beanie:

Take your coloured sock and cut it in half through the heel.

Take the leg part of the sock and tie a rubber band about 3cm from its cut end. Cut fringes beneath the rubber band to make the beanie's tasselled top. Place on the snowman's head and roll up the uncut end of the sock to make the beanie's turned up rim.

To make the scarf:

Cut a strip of polar fleece about 30cm x 3cm. Cut fringes at both ends. Tie around the snowman's neck.

To make the snowman's face:

Cut out two small circles of black felt for eyes and glue them into place.

And now you have a genuine no sew snowman from Downunder standing on a desert background - obviously somewhere in the Outback of Central Australia - with snow miraculously falling.

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