Easy-to-Sew Froggy

Froggy has always been one of my favourite easy-to-sew creations, possibly because he reminds me of the beanie frogs I loved when I was a child or perhaps because he's just so sweet and charming.

It seems Froggy isn't only my favourite but has made his way around the globe and is enjoying himself in France, Germany, New Zealand and the United States.

Here are some Froggies from around the world:

Marie-Pia, France

      Mafalda, Germany

 Simply Crafting, United States

The Green Dragonfly, New Zealand

My Froggy is filled with rice which means he can sit in all sorts of different positions and really show off his personality. If you don't want to fill your Froggy with rice you can also fill him with plastic pellets available at craft stores. You can use buttons for eyes or if you're making him for younger children use safety eyes instead.

If you've made Froggy and want to add him to the gallery send me a link and if you want to make Froggy as a fun gift for your kids here's the tutorial…he's easy-to-sew and he'll be so happy to join your family.