How a Fringed Cushion became a Zenkidu

If you pop over to Kids Activities Blog you'll find a tutorial for my simple to sew Zenkidu. So, what's a Zenkidu? Well, a Zenkidu is really just a fringed cushion that became one of these little fellas.

 I discovered Zenkidu when I was making fringed cushions at an event at Dymocks. I was looking for an alternative project for the boys (or girls) who might not want to make a cushion…and I found it. Instead of sewing a heart or flower on the cushion the boys could sew on a big nose or funny eyes and instead of cutting fringes all around the cushion they would only fringe the top and cut out arms and legs …and so Zenki (which is what I like to call him) was born…and of course the Zenkidu family has grown.

I decided to play around with the shape of my Zenkidus, at first I used a square, then a rectangle, then a triangle and my latest is…not quite sure what shape it is but it's this little one.

I'm sure she's a girl but not all my family agree.