The Peanut-Shaped Softie: a simple idea with loads of potential

Fatmumslim has just featured my Triplets tutorial as a guest post on her blog. Like the Triplets, Baby in a Pouch creates a softie using a very simple peanut-shaped form. She's about 7cm long and made from calico.

What you need:

embroidery floss

What to do:

Take two 10cm x 5cm pieces of calico and place them one on top of the other. Draw your peanut baby shape onto the calico. Sew around the shape leaving a turning gap. Trim 1/4 cm from your sewing line and turn right side out. Stuff and sew your turning gap closed.

To make baby's hair, cut eight 5cm lengths of wool. Gather the lengths into a bundle and sew the bundle at its mid point onto the baby's head.

The original tutorial which focuses on how to make the pouch can be found HERE

Be careful if using a felt tip pen to draw on the face as some felt tips can bleed into your fabric. 

Have fun sewing, Trixi