A Little Piece of Your Heart or a Simple Hand Sewing Gift for the Kids to make Mum

Fridge magnets seem to be an almost universal addition to every fridge…and why not…they're useful...are often a small reminder of a recent vacation…and they can also be a simple Mother's Day gift for kids to sew:


Embroidery thread
Polyester fiberfill
Strong magnet
Hot glue gun


1. Draw your speech bubble shape onto thin cardboard and cut out.
2. Place the shape onto the felt, trace around and cut out two speech bubbles.
3. Cut out a heart shape and the shape of the letter "U" from pieces of coloured felt. Sew or glue them into place on one felt bubble shape.
4. Pin the two bubble shapes together and sew around them leaving a 3" opening for stuffing.
6. Stuff with polyester fiberfill and sew opening closed.
7. Glue the magnet to the back of your speech bubble.


Make sure you use a strong magnet or your speech bubble won't stick firmly to the fridge.

If you don't want the magnet to be seen, glue it onto the inside of the back piece of felt before you pin and sew your speech bubble together.

Now all your kids need to do is write their Mother's Day note:

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