Little monsters sewing little monsters

Last week was unusual…and lots of fun. The Saturday Telegraph's Lift-out section "best weekend" was running a feature on my book that focused on a simple kids' sewing project for their page. They needed photos of kids sewing the project so I asked 3 of my students to come after school for the shoot…they had felt monsters to sew while the Telegraph's photographer Bob took photos of them…the girls got so engrossed in their work that they kept forgetting it was a shoot and would respond to Bob's instructions with "I just need Trixi to check my sewing first"…Bob just smiled and waited:

Here's how it looked in the paper:

And if you want to make your own little felt monster:

Two squares of coloured felt
Scraps of felt for facial features
Needle and thread

1. Place the two squares of felt one on top of the other
2. Draw the shape of your monster onto the top piece of felt
3. Holding both pieces of felt together cut around the shape
4. Sew or glue the features of your monster’s face onto the top piece of felt
5. Pin the two pieces of felt together
6. Sew around the shape leaving an 8cm opening for stuffing
7. Push small amounts of stuffing into the monster until he or she feels right
8. Sew the opening closed