Four-in-a-row as a game-to-go

Four-in-a-row is a game that kids of all ages love to play. Here's a quick-to-make version that can be either sewn or glued.
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What you'll need:
Buttons to decorate (optional)
Needle and embroidery thread (or glue and vlisofix)

How to make:
1. Cut two 11" x 8 1/2" pieces of felt in contrasting colours. Select one piece of felt to use as your game board.

2. Sew or glue a 6" x 6" grid onto your felt. In the first version below, I've ironed vlisofix onto the back of a piece of dark pink felt, cut out fourteen 6" x 1/4" strips and then ironed these onto my felt in the shape of a grid. In the second version, I've sewn the grid on with a running stitch.

3. Take the other 11" x 8 1/2" piece of felt and sew or glue your design into place. I've designed my game to be carried or hung like a bag so I've placed my row of flowers on one half of the felt only.

4. Sew or glue the two pieces of felt together. For my handles I've cut two 8" pieces of ribbon and sewed them into place. If you're making this with your kids, you might want to glue the handles in place. Buttons work well to hide the blobs of glue.

5. Select objects to be used as game pieces. I've chosen 20 doughnut beads, 10 in each colour, as my game pieces. I've attached the beads to my handle by threading them onto a length of tiger tail and I've used a parrot clasp to open and close it.

Good luck and I'd love too see your creations posted on my Sewing Projects for Kids Pinterest Board. Here's mine: