New Ways To Play An Ageless Game

O's and X's or Tic Tac Toe is one of those games that children seem to have always played and I suspect always will play. When I was little we played it with pen and paper and sometimes with chalk on the pavement.

For my sewing workshops I wanted to design a simple to make, easy to take with you O's & X's game and came up with the idea of a pouch which could both hold the pieces and serve as the game board.

One version of this O's & X's pouch features in my book "Sew Together Grow Together", a collection of easy hand-sewing projects that I've designed over the years for parents and children and which should be available in the next few months...actually I'm just waiting for the technical editor to give it the once over so the publisher can send me the final proofs.

In the mean time, I've collected the 9 links above (7 that I've come across in my wanderings and liked plus 2 links to my pouch showing it opened and closed). When they're all put together they sort of look like a colourful O's and X's board and show a variety of creative and pretty fun ways to play this ageless game.

Images from top to bottom:
Left: Chicken Scratch, Always Expect Moore, Thrive 360 Living
Middle: ADHD Crochet, Posie and Me, Coloured Buttons
Right: Danee's Delights, 1001 Feltros, Coloured Buttons