Boohoo's Great Denim Skirt

Boohoo gave me this great denim skirt and asked me to customise it...a perfect opportunity to try my hand at tie-dyeing denim.

I took some good quality bleach...a plastic tub for soaking...and some thick rubber gloves to protect my hands...I used about half a cup of bleach to two cups of water...but different ratios of bleach to water or using straight bleach gives different effects. 

I mixed the water and bleach in the tub...submerged the skirt in the mixture...scrunched it up and left it to soak a few hours. Scrunching the skirt gives the tie-dyed look as some parts of the denim are more exposed to the bleach than others...and of course, the longer it's left, the more bleached out the exposed areas get. 

Now the exciting part...taking the skirt out..rinsing it thoroughly...and hanging to dry: