The Usual Suspects

It seems such a loooooong time since I've posted...mainly because life gets in the way...which is, after all, how it should be. The last post was a photo of my eldest son, Saul, who was visiting from Hong Kong where he works...strangely, and luckily for us, he got a chance to come again 2 weeks ago for Passover...and why that fact is important for this post is because he used to make short films and write film reviews...and when he was here he got us to watch 'Casablanca' (which I'd never seen before)...and the title of this post, "The Usual Suspects", is taken from one of the last lines of that film.

So, who are these "usual suspects"? Well, I guess the short answer is: they're the fellows who have been keeping me busy the last few weeks...actually I think it's more like the last few months...time does have an odd way of slipping by unnoticed...anyway, these little fellows started as a project I set myself...I wanted to take the monsteries I used to make ages ago and posted HERE and develop the design in completely new directions...and though I'm still in mid-flight...I've wanted to post for sooooo this morning (it being Mother's Day and me having some spare time) I told them that they were all going to get their pictures taken and they were going to be famous...well, almost here they are, "the usual suspects", and the cause of all my not-posting:

The boys acting like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths

More of the guys just chilling out

Our prettiest member with some flowers she picked in the garden

The boys who insisted on having their photo taken with her

And our "class photo": The Usual Suspects 2011