When a Lorikeet becomes a Rosella

Miss Prudence and Kristine commented on my previous post about the "process"...guilty as charged: I always like designing things that link up with something...just the ordinary things going on are enough...I remember being impressed several years ago when I read how women on the Oregon Trail would sometimes collect the wild-flowers they found and press them between the pages of books to use as design motifs...it seemed such a lovely idea...

...well, I'm not exactly "westering" but yesterday I got the chance to make another purse...rushed it through at the last minute...this time for Yiscah, my "baby", who's off to study design :( at the Bezalel Institute in Jerusalem...just something little for her to keep her camera in...the regular ones are soooo ugly...and she loves green...which is why the lorikeet has become a rosella...another Australian bird but with a lot more pinks in it's multi-coloured feathers...the leaves are the last ones of autumn (which are still all over our garden even though it's already mid-winter here)...and the dragonfly zip-tag...well that's for summer that's coming:

At this rate I really will have a "series"...but it mightn't have much to do with mastering the mysterious art of "how to perfectly sew in a zipper".