A Mild Case of "Blogger's Syndrome"

Blogger's Syndrome: A mild behavioural disorder found in members of blogging communities which manifests as a desire to post about events and/or occurrences experienced in the course of one's daily life.

I think I have "blogger's syndrome"...but it doesn't hurt at all and actually, I think I'm enjoying it.

Last week I found this completely unexpected suprise at the beach (I guess that's what a suprise is)...it seems there's this worldwide "game" called "Geocaching" going on using GPS to track down little treasure-boxes that have been left so they can be found...strangers who stumble upon these treasure-boxes by chance are also welcome. The rules are: sign and comment in the notebook, and if you take a "treasure" from the box, leave something in its place. I didn't have my camera at the ready, but I did come back after my swim with my camera, my assistant! and something to put in the box before the light, which was really beautiful that afternoon, vanished...I was thinking: This is so much fun for me, imagine how much fun kids would have finding this!