In/out or How Monstery Triplets can become a Baby-in-a-Pouch

Lately ideas have been coming from lots of directions...but I guess that's just how ideas always come...anyway, you can think of this post as a kind of improvisation on the last post I put up since the basic shape of the baby is the same as the shape of the monstery's just a very simple shape that can be adapted to all sorts of things.
Nikki left a comment on my "triplet" post about how kids like to put things in and out of other things...endlessly really...and that's the kernel of the idea behind this baby in a pouch...just something simple and small and soft...easy for little hands to hold...and easy for them to play putting-into-and-out-of games with.
Here's our little friend nicely tucked in:

The template for the pouch is a "house" shape. The base of my "house" is 15.5cm, the sides are 5cm high, and a line drawn staight up from the middle of the base to the highest point of the "roof" is 11cm.

As you can see I've used different materials for contrast and a thin piece of wadding to give the pouch a nice spongy feel and a bit of thickness.

Important: when you sew the 4 cut out pieces of your pouch together make sure that you sew them in the order shown below... should look like this when you've sewn the 4 pieces together:

When you turn your pouch inside-out make sure that you turn the top layer of material over the other layers:

I made the baby's blanket in the shape seen below... avoid it becoming too bulky when the baby is all wrapped up:

Now the fun out in out in out in out in out in out in out in out in get the picture...

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