Tie-dye the day...and take it with you

This post is about word-storms and creativity.

The other day I was over at bilbified where Kristine was wondering just how creative she was (one of those self-doubting moments I guess because she clearly is creative) and that started me thinking about creativity...then I wandered over to notes from me to [me] where Robin was in the middle of a Californian word-storm...what's a word-storm you ask?...well you'll have to go to her blog to answer that one...anyway, there she was with all these words blowing around, and she took the words, taped them onto a page and arranged them into poems...I really like this idea...I think it would make a great game for kids to make a random list of words or phrases and then try to make poems out of them...you can end up with really unusual combinations of things that you never would have thought of...I know that some people are going to think that if there's some random element you'll just get nonsense, but I don't think it works out like that because such a big part of creative thinking is trying to unlearn the habit of always linking things up in predicable clich├ęd ways...this just cuts through all that...anyway here's coloured buttons' contribution using Robin's word list:

Tie-dye the day...and take it with you.