Three Wise Owls

It's getting close to school holidays over here and I've been looking for new sewing projects for my holiday workshops.

Recently I saw some owls on Xue's blog which I really admired - her work is really beautiful - it has that understated Japanese refinement and everything about her blog has a really lovely feeling - anyway, I began thinking that perhaps I could use her owls as the inspiration for a project that would work as an afternoon activity for my girls.

This is what I came up with:

Templates are always a bit fiddly. It took me several attempts to get the template below just right so that the owls didn't look a little "odd". The size given, 10 cm X 10.5 cm, is the size of the Papa Owl. The curves give you good ears and a nice round body, but if you want a different look or character, just play around with a few versions. My owls are filled with rice which gives them stability and a nice weight to hold. Actually, it sort of gives them their realness.

Remember: (1) Leave a 2 cm turning gap at the bottom of your owl and (2) fold and glue the beak of your owl down before filling with rice.

To give the owls a flat base I fold the ends under as in the photo below: (so glad there are photos to explain this sort of thing!)

So that's my very quick, very condensed tutorial.

Thanks again to Xue.

Hope you enjoy making your owls...I don't think kids can ever have too many wise friends.

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