Trixi's Quilts Part 2: The Paul Klee Quilt

In my earlier post 'Trixi's quilts Part 1' I mentioned the Grand Plan: 4 kids, 4 quilts. The second quilt in this plan was for my son Hezki. The idea for this quilt began when I found some hand-dyed cotton at a fair and loved the colours. At first, I wasn't quite sure what I would do with them but the colours of the hand-dyed cotton reminded me of Paul Klee. He did some amazing paintings with coloured squares where the squares seem to be alive and moving, and your eyes wander around the painting in all sorts of interesting ways. I decided to make what I at first called a 'Klee Quilt', and to make this quilt for my second oldest son Hezki who, at the time, was very into art.

Antique Harmonies by Paul Klee:

And so began the journey of Quilt Number 2...each square carefully placed next to it's companion square...squares continually changing places...being rearranged until the colours worked together in just the right way. ( And here I'd like to thank my new editorial assistant, who at that time was given the position of 'Coloured Square Mover', for his patience with my continual refrain of... " don't think that colour works there...").

And so, finally, I began to hand-sew the squares until the quilt top was finished...or so I thought. Since this whole process took a few years my son had (of course) continued to grow, and in fact, had grown quite a bit longer than I had anticipated...and so, the "Coloured Square Mover' and I were back adding squares just to make sure that Hezki's size 14 feet didn't stick out and get cold.

Anyway, after 5 years, I finished the quilt...and I love the story it tells.

Trixi's Klee Quilt (155cm x 245cm): I love this quilt!!!