A few days ago Lynda commenting on my 'Halle für Alle' post asked if I'd bought back any "lovely European buttons". Sure did! Actually, I didn't really buy any buttons, even though I did look for them. In Vienna, a family friend (she has been friends with my mother since they were just girls) asked if I was interested in her old buttons. My heart jumped: YES YES YES!!! It was so exciting sorting thru all those old buttons from who knows when and learning a little of the buttons' history from her.

So Lynda, and anyone else who suffers from button obssession, I've put together an alternate antique-style double-take on my Coloured Buttons header:

The painted wooden buttons actually come from my grandmother (who also lived in Vienna). The silver button under the paper daisy is a native American Indian moccasin button. The little group of brass buttons near the paper daisy are from my mother's friend in Vienna, and some of the old carved-looking plastic buttons were bought in London by my daughter. I've trained my daughters to always be on the lookout for vintage buttons for me. The boys aren't much use in this respect.

All these button photos have little hints of things I love doing and little reminders of people or places that I have loved and have kept over the years. And making it's second appearance is my Bondi Beach Public School Merit badge...I waited sooooo long to get a merit badge in primary school...that was such an exciting day!

Edited to add: Since I wrote this post I've changed the header... it's summer in Australia now and I thought it would be nice to have a bit of that summery beachy's a photo of the original header so my "Doubletake" post still makes sense...