Matchbox Monday: "There are more strange bugs in the garden mum"

When I started teaching craft I liked using things that could be found around the house: shoe boxes, cardboard rolls, wooden spoons, plastic teaspoons, and my all time favourite, matchboxes. Unfortunately, matchboxes aren't used much anymore, but they're still easy to get hold of and come in a great range of sizes. Yay! So that makes matchboxes just about perfect to make into treasure houses, mini-games, mini-puppet theatres etc etc etc.

I thought I'd make this month a month of 'Matchbox Mondays' and show some of the activities I've done using matchboxes. First up are matchbox bugs. Cute little fellows but you've got to watch 'em. Last time I checked these guys tummies they were full of pipe cleaner worms. Now that's not a problem, as pipe cleaner worms are a healthy and nutritious addition in any matchbox bugs diet. The problem was what else these guys were eating. Be warned. And watch your buttons.

The morning get-together:

And posing for photos:

Suitable matchbox bug snacks:

Unsuitable matchbox bug snacks:

Remember, if they're not feeling well, check their stomach contents before ringing the vet.

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