Lost and Found Update: Friends 4 Ever

It's Monday I know. I should be posting about matchboxes but somehow I never quite get Matchbox Monday ready until Tuesday. Maybe next time. Still, I couldn't help myself. I just had to post this other exciting news. The little bunny has a name. And although I did give her all the names suggested it seems that my daughter Yiscah and her friend Pigleto decided that her name was in fact Minty, and that there was really nothing to think about. And it would seem that Minty agrees. At the same time, Minty has found herself a new best friend. So Minty just wants to say thanks to Rosey's daughters at icantsew for the great name.

Pigleto and Minty: Friends 4 Ever (and although you can't hear it, they're saying "Yay!").

So it really is a story with a happy ending...except Yiscah (did I mention she's 20) is complaining now that the two of them are chatting all night so she can't get to sleep.

P.S. Yiscah will probably want me to edit this post when she reads it.