Little girls can never have too many bags

Little girls, just like their mums, can never have too many bags. Over the years I've designed a lot of different bags for the girls who come to my classes. Mostly, I've chosen to use felt because it has certain advantages: it doesn't fray when cut and has a good thickness that makes it easy for the kids to hold while they're sewing. The main disadvantage with the wool-acrylic blend felts that I use in classes is the colour range. It can be a bit limited. Still, the girls love them. It seems with a class-full of girls you can't go wrong with pinks and purples. Here are some simple bags I've made with my girls:

If you really want beautifully nuanced colours you can try to hand-dye your own wool felt. Or if you have a Rudolf Steiner shop in your city you can buy hand-dyed wool felts (but they're not cheap) in the most amazing colours. Here are some that I bought at the Rudolf Steiner shop in Sydney.

And I made this little fellow for myself. His mouth is actually a pocket, and I hang him off my bag.

And every now and then I make him some friends.