April 14, 2009

Beginnings are always hard or perhaps it's just the unknown. This blog has been turning around in my mind for a long time but not getting anywhere. Too many paths to follow, too many thoughts to hold. The only way to begin was to begin.
This blog is for mums and their kids. Mostly, it's craft and sewing projects for kids. The rest.. well I'm not quite sure.

This pouch is one of the activities I do in my sewing workshops in the school holidays.It's a simple project that can be made with kids from about 6 years of age.What's really fun about this pouch though is what's inside.

It's my version of a traveling O's and X's pouch.Or tic tac toe or whatever other names it's called.
Hope you enjoy my first post(anyone out there?) and I hope to post at least once a week.
If your in the US and have the April edition of Family Fun magazine look at page 24,the marble fun house is my idea!